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Visit our B2B-Day on Friday, June 14th from 2 to 6pm
as well as our B2B-Hours on Saturday, June 15th from 9am until noon and
on Sunday, June 16th from 9.30am until noon!

B2B-Registration and ticket order

Dear B2B-Visitor,
here you can register as B2B-Visitor and apply to buy tickets for our B2B-events for you and your employees. The tickets are valid on our B2B-Day (June 14th, 2019)as well as on all other regular event days (June 15th to 16th, 2019). The special B2B-admission hours as well as regular admission hours you can find at the bottom of this page.

Please make sure to fill out all required fields of the form below and to attach a copy of your companies' registration documents as JPG- or PDF-files.
Please also provide us with the names and respresenting companies of up to five B2B-Visitors you would like to order tickets for.

After successfully validated registration you will receive a seperate Email from us providing you a link to our secure B2B-Ticket shop as well as a password to enter.

We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this security procedure. By verifiying business visitors we would like to make sure that only business visitors have access to the event floor during B2B-admission times and provide a safe business environment.

Please make sure that all of your B2B-Visitors are able to provide valid ID documents at admission. They will receive a B2B-Pass at the entrance that authorizes them to enter the event floor and outdoor area at B2B-Hours as well as at regular event hours.

The InterSteam-Team thanks you for your interest and understanding

Information about you and the company you represent


Contact information

Upload of business registration documents


Please enter the name of each employee/B2B-visitor as well as the company they represent (if different from the one listed above) in the list below. You may apply for a maximum of 5 tickets. For admission we are legally bound to verifiy the legal age of 18 years or older. Please make sure to provide valid ID-documents at admission.


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Please verify the information you have provided and check the required fields. Afterwards send us your information by clicking "Submit".


If you wish to reset all information entered so far please click "Reset".

What is the B2B-Day?

On Friday, June 14th 2019 we are hosting a seperate B2B-Day strictly for trade and business visitors.

Admission starts at 2pm and ends at 8pm.

Between 2pm and 6pm you will have an exclusive chance to talk to and exchange with the exhibitors at their booths. Starting at 6pm we will be hosting an official B2B-Meeting/Get together at the Catering-and Outdoor-Area. The B2B-Meeting ends at 10pm.

Please keep in mind, that the exhibition floor will be closing at 8pm - before the end of the B2B-Meeting - and a late admission will not be possible.

Will there be any other B2B-Hours?

We will be giving trade and business visitors, that cannot attend the B2B-Day on June 14th, the chance to attend the B2B-Hours on the regular visitors day of the InterSteam (Saturday, June 15th and Sunday, June 16th 2018) before the admission of regular visitors.

Our B2B-Hours will be held between 9am and noon.

Please make sure that you can provide valid B2B-Tickets to attend B2B-Hours.

You may order your tickets online (see registration and ticket order form above) and will be provided with a B2B-Pass after providing ticket and valid ID at the entrance.

Is there any parking nearby?

There might be parking spots here and there in the nearby roads. Please pay attention to applicated non-parking zones and parking permission times.

To find the best available official parking-zones we suggest using the internet service provided by Green Mobility.

You can find this website by following this Link.

Are private visitors or visitors without official business registration documents have access to the event floor during B2B-Times?

No, by strictly only granting access to registered B2B-visitors we are making sure that no private visitors will have access to the event floor during B2B-Day and B2B-Hours.

However, we can not accept any liability for visitors who have made access illegally.

May under-age persons be brought into the hall on the B2B-Day or during B2B-Hours?

No, here too the legislator forbids access to our event for under-age visitors.

B2B guests must present themselves at the entrance with a valid ID. In cases of doubt, the age of the persons is also checked here.

We ask kindly for your understanding!

What is the best way for getting there?

Of course you can drive to the InterSteam by car. If you prefer to use the bus or trains, we have the following suggestions:

Via U-Bahn
Line U1 (U-Bhf Schlesisches Tor) + 10 min. walk

Via S-Bahn
Lines S8, S85, S9, S42, S41 (S-Bhf Treptower Park)
+ 5 min. walk

Via bus
Lines 104, 194, 265, N65 (Eichenstraße/Puschkinallee)

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